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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands


Mommy’s Kids Childcare Centre Ltd. (MKCC) is committed in providing a program that supports and preserve the safety, security, well-being and development of the child. We offer accessible and flexible childcare support to families and aim to be engaged with parents, guardians, and the community members at large in providing a holistic child care for children’s optimal development.

We foster a nurturing place that encourages children in having care and play experiences that support their development and learning. It is of our priority to protect each child from all forms of physical punishment, physical and verbal abuse, and emotional deprivation. We respect and value diversity and inclusion in our program and welcome all families, children, and staff coming from different socio-economic backgrounds, ethnicities, and physical, mental, and emotional abilities. We acknowledge the child’s familial and Indigenous or other cultural, social, linguistic and spiritual heritage and recognize its central value in the child’s safety, well-being and development. We adapt our program appropriately to meet the child’s mental, emotional, spiritual and physical needs, and stage of development. In providing quality and holistic child care, we involve our parents and guardians to keep us accountable in maintaining high standard care.

MKCC curriculum includes planned activities driven by the children’s interests that allows them to explore arts and crafts, music and drama, learn science and math concepts, expand literacy skills and develop fine and gross motor skills. We provide opportunities in their environments to reinforce learning from home and school, teach social skills and encourage good behavior. It is Reggio Emilia-inspired and emergent in nature. It follows the Flight Framework where children are viewed as mighty learners capable of being co-constructors, co-researchers and co-imaginer of possibilities. The environment, being the third teacher, is intentionally set-up to foster children’s holistic development and provide opportunities for children to take on different roles, both indoor and outdoors, as well as resolve conflicts among their peers or under the supervision of program staff.

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